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Mr. Kevin Randolph

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Kevin Randolph is a pioneer within the information industry and an expert in the product development community. He is a key visionary for technology enhanced productivity solutions and has directed the development of leading-edge services and enabling infrastructures required to support complex technical deployment, large-scale operations and high-volume customer service.

Randolph’s career is grounded in concept-to-completion product and service development, beginning as a consultant to consumer product and service companies such as Carnation, Continental Airlines, Hunt-Wesson, Foremost, MCA/Universal, Security Pacific Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Chevrolet, and advertising agencies including BBDO, Grey Advertising, and McCann-Erickson.

Since 1992, Randolph has been involved in the evolution of new businesses including US WEST's (now Qwest's) electronic commerce efforts, defining Netcom's (now Earthlink's) new strategy and product offerings, Netscape's Navio (sold to Liberate Technologies), Philip's Navigation Technologies (the engine behind Zip2 and MapQuest), Wink (now OpenTV) interactive television, Sony's Game Show Network, alternative energy provider China Solar & Clean Energy Solutions (CSOL: OTC BB), real-time translation service Cyracom, interpretation software provider Fluential, integrated marketing services provider Manifeste, and as interim-CEO, engineering the turn-arounds of internet service providers Whole Earth Networks (now owned by Time-Warner Telecommunications), and Asia Communications Global's (ACGL's) Asia Online.

In March 1999, he raised the initial capital to purchase the assets of the original Asia Online from ACGL, which at the time was generating about US$1MM revenues. 18 months later, after raising a total of US$143MM in private equity from 15 investors, Asia Online became an Asia Pacific regional powerhouse with over 900 employees in 23 cities and 12 countries doing business in seven languages, across 15 time zones and generating over US$60MM in revenues, a 17-fold increase, while increasing shareholder value by 25 times. He left in October 2000 leaving a legacy which included a 40% month-on-month revenue increase and over $50MM in cash still available for future growth. A promotional video including customer endorsements is available by clicking here

The Wall Street Journal said that Mr. Randolph had made "profound changes". UBS Warburg Asia said that Mr. Randolph had created a company with "very strong backers and a good set of clients." Matt Ocko of Archimedes Capital told CBS MarketWatch that Kevin was one of those rare executives who could, "take a mess and turn it into something viable."

Randolph played a key role in shaping the transformation of the financial industry from an account focus to a customer focus, including the development of relationship information and transaction services, and shaping requirements for relationship database systems such as IBM's Metaphor. As general manager of Bank of America’s HomeBanking, and Charles Schwab’s Equalizer (now eSchwab) electronic brokerage products, he helped create the payment system foundations, messaging solutions, customer relationship management and financial management software that are at the core of what is now electronic commerce.

Randolph was instrumental in helping create what has become the information industry and interactive marketing and merchandising when he co-founded Interactive Network in 1987. Backed by 17 public companies including TCI (now AT&T Broadband), Motorola, Sprint, NBC, Le Group Videotron Ltee, Cablevision Systems and A. C. Nielsen, Interactive Network developed and brought to market the first wireless, broadcast, competitive, in-home, play-along interactive television service. In addition to his responsibilities over strategic business planning, product development, marketing, finance and administration, Randolph directed the development of the games, and managed the groups that created, produced and simulcast the daily, real-time programming.

Following Interactive Network’s successful IPO, Randolph joined ICTV as senior vice president, marketing and product development to guide the development of ICTV’s switched cellular broadband cable technology. It was here that Randolph crystallized the core concepts of combining the entertainment of television with the capabilities of technology.

Randolph’s strong background and unique expertise combining customer-focused product development with the capabilities of technology makes Randolph a unique resource in helping shape the future of collaborative communications, ebusiness solutions and electronic commerce applications..

He is a graduate of Washington State University with a degree in Business Administration, majoring in marketing and electrical engineering, and an instrument rated commercial pilot, with complex, high performance and mountain flying endorsements. He volunteers as a command pilot for Angel Flight. He has served as a speaker and keynote panelist at major industry events including Convergence, Digital Hollywood, Digital World, Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Internet Service Provision in Europe and South America, and the Electronic Entertainment Expo, among others. He has been a frequent speaker on CNBC, Bloomberg, CNET and CNN.

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